WinRewrap 0.4 Beta


this is essentially a frontend/GUI for ffmbc (command line encoder/wrapper).

It is designed for batch processing project folders containing multiple .MTS Files and optionally an XML.
It can ReWrap the .MTS files to .MP4 or .MOV fully automated. You just select the folder.
Optionally, it can convert your Audio to AAC, PCM or remove it.
Support for other formats may be possible, you can always make a request.

This enables project export from The New Sony Vegas Pro 12 to DaVinci Resolve, and can also be used for normal batch processing of entire Folders from AVCHD Cameras like GH2, etc.

It can automatically update your XML file, so you can just use it with the rewrapped files, no hassle. PCM Big Endian Audio is currently not possible to copy. Use PCM/AAC Mode. (AF100)

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